Thorough bookkeeping services are more than just convenient, they are also vital to ensure that you and your business’s finances are in order. At Phoenix Rising Financial Services, our bookkeepers work tirelessly to ensure that the records we keep are as accurate as can be, and we have no qualms with working a little harder and smarter than our competitors to ensure that they are. We are proud to be your chosen partners for business bookkeeping services, financial record maintenance, and accounting in Berkeley Springs, WV.

As your dedicated and experienced bookkeepers, we will:

  • Create a big or small business accounting system that is specific to the needs of your company and employees
  • Keep up with historical records through careful and thorough paperwork filing
  • Maintain and balance subsidiary accounts by handling all procedures, policies, and transactions
  • Prepare any and all financial reports, as required by your business
  • Maintain and balance all applicable ledgers through preparation and trial balance
  • Ensure your company’s compliance with any and all federal, state, and local requirements


Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation

Bookkeeping is an essential piece of any business’s financial planning, organization, and overall success — especially when it comes time to file taxes. Oftentimes, business owners will try to save money by taking on bookkeeping duties themselves, which can result in sloppy record keeping and legal issues in the event of an audit. Given that there is so much involved in small business bookkeeping, like managing transactions, balancing accounts, filing documents, and organizing financial records, it is always worth it to hire an experienced bookkeeper to keep your business’s financial affairs on track.

So what does small business bookkeeping have to do with taxes? No matter how big or small, businesses are responsible for keeping their financial records organized so they can accurately report expenses, profits, deductions, and so on and so forth on their tax return. There is no room for estimation when it comes to tax preparation and filing, as the IRS is not very forgiving when businesses make mistakes on their return. Trust us when we say the last thing you want is to deal with an IRS audit when you thought you reported all your business earnings, so protect your business this tax season by hiring a knowledgeable and experienced bookkeeper to manage your books the right way!

Use Our Bookkeeping Services

If you would like to know more about the bookkeeping services we offer at Phoenix Rising Financial Services, or if you are interested in setting up an appointment, get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all of your company’s bookkeeping needs!